• Reaching for the sky
    Reaching for the sky

    On the Batter cliff in the Naturpark Schwarzwald or in the indoor DAV climbing center Baden-Baden

  • The world from far above
    The world from far above

    Fly in a hot air balloon over theRhine Valley, Elsace and over the Black Forest

  • Cross-country skiing
    Cross-country skiing

    120 kilometers of cross-country skiing trail await you between Herrenwies and Ruhestein which lay in the northern part of the Black Forest

  • Paragliding at Merkur
    Paragliding at Merkur

    This airfield in Baden-Baden offers an amazing flight space for guest aviators

Secret tip


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The Batter cliffs close to Baden-Baden belong to the most beautiful climbing areas in Germany. Routes for every level of difficulty can be climbed there. Outdoor Sport climbing is possible all yaer round there. For further information and climbing courses visit www.battertfelsen.de.


Cross-country skiing

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The whole northen and central parts of the Black Forest are perfect for extensive cross-country tours. 120 kilometers of cross-country skiing trail await you when the snow conditions are good. There are many attractive tracks for cross-country skating as well. For more information visit www.langlauf-center.de.


Paragliding at Merkur

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The airfield Merkur in Baden-Baden exsists since 2002. With an altitude difference of 400 meters, mountain cable cars as well as a clean starting and landing field, is one of the nicest aviation areas in the central mountains. Visit www.schwarzwaldgeier.de for all further information.


Hotair ballooning between the Black Forest and the Vosges mountains

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Whoever would like to experience the world from above in a more relaxed manner, books a ride in a hotair-balloon. This takes place over: forests, lakes, rivers, vineyards, and picturesque villages. The wind alone determins landing place and flight rout. Contact: www.ballooning2000.de.